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Hi-Rez Studios

We created “Smite On” - a charged up, neon lit, 80’s reference-infused rock ballad extravaganza that tells the tale of an unlikely team of misfits training with (and being sung to by) the mythical gods of Smite - in partnership with Hi-Rez Studios to serve as a highly energetic piece of content to hype up the live crowd of thousands in attendance at Smite World Championship 2017 (their annual world championship esports event).



We created the “Epic Water Gun Fight” short - an exhilarating action piece featuring two teams engaging in a thrilling outdoor water gun fight - in partnership with the ABA for their Mixify campaign, which aimed to inspire teens to balance food and drinking habits as well as engage in more physical activity.

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We created the “Halo 5 Dance Battle” in partnership with Microsoft to be featured on their livestream celebrating the launch of their biggest title that year, Halo 5.

Galaxy Play Technology LTD

We created the “How to Survive in the Walking Dead” short, which featured a group of zombie apocalypse survivors trying (and often failing) to get through a walking dead video without dying as a custom promotional piece for Galaxy Play’s Walking Dead Survivors mobile game.

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We created “The Mercenaries of Hearthstone” short - a classic 80’s saturday morning cartoon inspired music video - for Activision-Blizzard as a fun piece of custom video content to be used as promotional material across their various social media channels for the new “Mercenaries” game mode in their popular online card game, Hearthstone.

Electronic Arts

We created the “Epic Football Battle” in partnership with EA for Madden 17 to show off their new Draft Champions mode in a unique and engaging way that went above and beyond the scope of a standard lets play.

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